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Believe in results not words.

The Believer® name speaks for itself. For 25 years the Believer® has consistently produced record catches for anglers througout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. At Drifter Tackle we think the products’ longevity and results are far greater testimony than words. If you’re not familiar with Drifter Tackle, let us introduce you to the famous Believer®, the Super Believer®, the Stalker™ and the Super Stalker™ crank baits. Attach these to the end of your line, hang on tight and you too shall become a believer. Professonals and recreational fisherman alike have come to recognize that these are not simply baits, but a versatile fishing system. When utilized and applied with the proper technique to the identified conditions these baits will consistently put trophy fish in your boat.


  • Believer®

  • is one of the most versatile lures available today. Its unique shape and design, combined with a deep and shallow eyelet, allow this bait to be fished from the surface down to depths of 18’ – 20’
  • Super Believer

  • has taken the fishing world by storm since its inception in 2004. The classic Believer® with the addition of a soft-plastic, live-action tail, this lure has proven to be dynamic wherever it’s deployed.
  • Stalker

  • is a shallow running, high speed lure that imitates wounded minnows and baitfish. Cast or trolled, this lure allows you to effectively cover large areas of water. The faster you run it the better the action.

  • Super Stalker™

  • is a shallow running crankbait with a replaceable soft plastic,live action tail. The swimming action and flash created by the tail gives a lifelike presentation that simply can’t be duplicated by conventional crankbaits.