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Drifter Tackle is a company dedicated to the scientific development and advancement of fishing tackle.

The company was built on the back of the famous Believer®. The lure, originally available in 2”,3”,4”,5”,6”,7”,8” and 10” models, has been consistently producing record catches in both size and numbers of numerous species around the world. Muskie, pike, walleye, bass, stripers, salmon….you name it and the Believer® has caught it. The Believer has even been recognized by Muskies Inc. as one of the top 10 muskie lures of all times based on actual recorded catches. The Believer® is simply amazing.

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Drifter releases New Deadly Naked™ Colors

It’s famous for a reason.   The Believer® is one of the most versatile lures available today. Its unique shape and design, combined with a deep and shallow eyelet, allow this bait to be fished from the surface down to depths of…

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Topwater Proficiency

Most musky anglers would be lying if they said they enjoy anything more than seeing a fish explode on a topwater lure. We all love catching fish on topwaters and I am no different. However for a long time topwaters were my…

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